A French soldier memories: How I spent the war


It was a beautiful morning of 1940’s autumn. I was going to take off in an observational mission. A light and breezy rain was pouring over the lands. I took off and after only few hundred feet above the runaway my North American 16 nose hits the perfectly clear and blue sky.

It was so beautiful! After few minutes of flying over the greatness of those lands, I hear a strange noise right behind my left wing. I looked behind and I saw a German Messerschmitt. I had no weapons on my plane! I tried to get over by going to the left hoping to get in Switzerland and put my plane down – I had no chances to return or run. Messerschmitt was too fast anyhow. A strange white smoke suddenly blew out in my cockpit. I heard an unfamiliar noise from the engine and I begin to feel a sharp pain in my back.

My very next memory? I was rowing on a very nice and gentle lake between mountains and hills. A beautiful rainbow was cutting an edge between the sky and me. A woman was near to me. She was very beautiful. She was young, maybe the same age with me. We naturally start talking. It was such a pleasant conversation…. We were talking about the war times, about Beethoven, goats, grapes, poetry, painters, bread and suddenly we just start kissing each other. We were watching strange birds flying beyond the rainbow, we were laughing and feeling so good! I can still remember those kisses…we were kissing each other with such a hunger…

Then she wanted me to stop the boat on the shore. We stepped down and we start making love on the grass. It was totally insane. I did not even know her name! But I can still remember the texture of her skin and the sweet smell of her neck.

Then she told me that she has to go. I said Why? We have just met! No we didn’t, she said with a sad face hiding few tears. She held my hand for few seconds and left away. I didn’t know what to do. I went back to my boat and start rowing on the lake. I stopped near a wooden bay and I took a walk across the shore. It was so relaxing! I had no wonders about who I am and where I am going to!

Then I suddenly woke up on a hospital bed. It was such an irradiant room with windows full of light…I could barely open my eyes. I heard some women speaking French and I suddenly remember that I was a pilot and I was just hit by a German plane. I was so happy to be alive. A woman started yelling just from my back: He is awake! He is alive! Oh my good God, he is alive!

I was in a Swiss hospital, only few miles from the crashing place. It was 14th November 1947. This is how 7 years pass in a ten minutes dream! Isn’t this a miracle?

This is how I spent the war.


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